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Bringing a newborn into the home is such an exciting time, but before you come home with your baby, the home will need to be prepared accordingly. The home should be thoroughly cleaned before bringing the baby home. They are so small and new that nearly anything can hurt them or effect their immune system during this fragile time in their life. Always make sure that the floors are clean. If you have carpet, the carpet should be steam cleaned prior to the baby’s arrival. The floor should always be swept and there shouldn’t be any small fabric strands or choking hazards on the floor. Everything should be dusted. Get rid of all dust so that the baby isn’t exposed to such allergens. Clean the kitchen. The kitchen is where a lot of the preparation for the baby will happen.…

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In order to maintain a clean and pristine household, one of the best things you can do is to learn how to fold properly. Linens, clothes, and other fabrics give a much more organized and clean appearance when they are folded properly. Not to mention, folding can be a wonderful space saver, especially for those unruly small dresser drawers that we tend to overfill. Luckily, there are many different ways to fold. Of course, this will depend on what you are folding. Nevertheless, once you have nailed a few of the techniques, it will only get easier and easier to fold. Tip #1: Rolling Clothes for Suitcases and Drawers Begin by laying the article of clothing down completely flat. Fold the garment over by about 4 inches. Make sure that the article of clothing is completely flat and free of creases.…

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