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Carpet Steam Cleaning

Your carpet is a major focal point of your décor and is part of the first impression someone has when they enter your business. Those tell-tale dark marks left on high traffic areas such as hallways can really take away the appeal of even the most well-maintained offices. An annual professional carpet steam cleaning provides a deep cleaning that will help remove everything from odours to dust mites even from carpets that appear clean on the surface! Home Steam Cleaners…

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Hand in rubber glove cleaning carpet with brush

Making a lasting and impactful first impression is crucial for any business, and the cleanliness of your office has a lot to do with that. Carpets are an excellent investment that makes a powerful imprint in the memory of just about anybody who walks into your office. Placing carpets to accentuate the look of your office is one thing, taking care of them is another. Dirty, stained carpets reflect poorly on your professionalism in addition to posing numerous health hazards.…

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Women cleaning table with towel and cleaning liquid

There’s a good chance that you can remember your grandmother or grandfather house cleaning. Grandparents tend to keep the house cleaning process fairly straightforward. All you need is a bucket, a scrub brush, and a whole lot of bleach. Maybe a full gallon or two splashed around the entire house. When you walk through your local grocery store, you’ll find an entire aisle full of home cleaning products. Every product claims to do something different and vital and highly specific.…

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Woman cleaning carpet with brush and spray

Though it takes a lot of work, doing a thorough, deep clean of your house is ultimately very rewarding. Everything feels like new again and you get to enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. However, there always seem to be a few things around the house that you forget about while you’re doing a post renovation cleaning or just seem too difficult to clean in the first place. Here are nine household areas or items that tend to…

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Washing machine in a laundry room with bathing towels

While a majority of people relying on the washing machine to keep their clothes clean, only a few give priority to washer cleaning. Just as clothes need constant washing, your machine also needs regular cleaning. Some people may assume that the detergent they are using to clean the clothes also cleans the machine. On the contrary, some detergent remnants may dirty the machine. Laundry dirt, hard water, and detergents can cause a build up in the inner parts of the…

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Women holding a basket full cleaning materials and a broom stick on the other hand

When you want to have a cleaner home, there are ways to sanitize it faster, easier and more naturally. While you have learned an assortment of house cleaning tips from your parents, there is always something new to learn so that your home smells and looks fresher. Here are nine smarter ways to clean your home on a daily or weekly basis. 1. Get Rid of the Clutter in Your Home Getting rid of the clutter in your home is…

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With today’s busy lifestyles, juggling our career, marriage, kids and hobbies can sometimes seem impossible. On top of that, keeping a household is in itself a full-time job. So it’s no surprise many families are hiring housekeeping services to keep things spotless. After a stressful day, the last thing you want is to come back to a dirty home. But how do you find a maid service you can trust? Cleaners will often come when the homeowner is out so they can get as much work done as possible. Although most housekeeping companies do an excellent job, there have been stories of theft, vandalism and overall incompetence. That’s why it’s important you do your research before letting a maid service enter your residence. We’ve come up with some tips on how to hire housekeeping help you can trust. After all,…

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Often referred to as miracle material, microfiber is one of the world’s most preferred cleaning cloths. If you haven’t yet bought into the hype, then it’s about time you did. Everyone loves microfiber, especially professional cleaning companies. Let’s explore why microfiber is the industry’s preferred material for getting things squeaky clean! What is microfiber? To understand the benefits of this synthetic material, we must first know what it’s made of. Microfiber is a combination of nylon and polyester. The fibers are actually finer than human hair. When pieced together, they create a net that traps more dirt, dust and moisture than cotton. One of the reasons behind its effectiveness is its static charge. This clinging action pulls in dirt until the fiber is eventually washed. Where can I use microfiber? Microfiber is soft enough to be used on a number…

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Hiring a cleaning service to clean your home can make your life easier and relieve you of daily chores. You will no longer have to worry about making time to get chores done during your busy day. Once you delegate the cleaning responsibilities to a cleaning service, there is no need to spend time dusting, washing or vacuuming. Besides cleaning your home for you, professional cleaners provide you with health benefits that include eliminating allergies, removing dust mites, and achieving a deeper clean. There is no need for you to worry about mould and mildew because maids will know how to eradicate microbes. Keep Allergies Away Dust allergies are a big problem in homes. Many children and adults have developed allergies to dust. It’s a common allergen that causes itchy eyes and a runny nose. When you hire a professional…

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These days, it seems like there’s an advertisement for a cleaning service everywhere you go: billboards, van decals, television commercials, service-based websites. But are home cleaning services really that popular? With more people balancing their careers and family, many don’t have the time it takes to maintain an orderly home on their own. Some casual help around the house can be a big help, but there are a few things that you should consider before taking the plunge and hiring a maid. If you have a busy lifestyle, feel crunched for time, or just don’t know what to do, then consider these 7 factors before hiring a maid. Budget First things first: you have to figure out if you can afford a maid before you hire one. If you can, great! Skip on down to number two. But if you…

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