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Housekeeping in a work environment means more than just dusting off shelves or running a mop across a floor. Proper housekeeping in workplaces ensures a safe work environment, and can go a long way to making sure employees are safe and injuries are infrequent. In addition, a workplace that is clean and well organized makes a great first impression on visitors. Every workplace safety program should have a place for housekeeping, and should get help from employees and a commitment from management. Prevents Trips, Falls, and Slips Work areas should be kept clear of clutter. They should be clean and sanitary—that includes areas like storage rooms and service areas. Floors should always be kept clean and dry. Where water is used, there should be adequate drainage. Materials like grease and oil should be cleaned up from common areas as soon…

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A really good housekeeper is, well … a keeper. But you need to know the questions to ask a potential cleaner and what to look for during an interview. Here are some questions you can ask and tips you can use to help you make the right choice when it comes to hiring someone for housekeeping services and keeping your home gleaming. Make Sure the Person Understands the Role Before getting down to business, let the person you’re interviewing know exactly what the position entails. Perhaps you could start the interview process with a job description and ask if there are any questions regarding what would be involved. Spend Some Time Getting to Know the Person You could start off with a few questions to get a feeling for the person’s personality. After all, the person should be a good…

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Hospitals are full of sick people wanting to get better, so having the cleanest surroundings possible is crucial. Germs like sickness and sickness likes germs. They feed off each other. Keeping hospital rooms and common areas clean with regular housekeeping services is healthy for patients, visitors, and hospital staff. Infectious Diseases Some diseases can spread like wildfire. Housekeeping services in a hospital help to control the spread of those diseases. Bacteria is hearty. It can survive in nearly every place and space. It can be found on bedrails, curtains, call buttons—everywhere. And it survives for a long time. If someone touches these surfaces and fails to wash his or her hands, the bacteria spreads to every area he or she touches. In fact, “superbugs,” or antibiotic-resistant bacteria, can survive for months on surfaces. These potentially deadly pests have also found…

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