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When it comes to household cleaning, we’re all familiar “the grand sweep” aren’t we? You know, those clean-up extravaganzas where you dedicate a full weekend to vacuuming the floors, scrubbing down the bathtubs and tossing out last year’s junk from the garage. Although it may seem time-efficient to batch all of your cleaning tasks together in one fell swoop, did you know that this method is actually less productive? Random cleaning sessions should be implemented into your weekly routine, so you can avoid those back-breaking chores down the line. Below are some of the benefits of day-to-day cleaning and helpful tips to get yourself in the habit! Less Cleaning in the Long Run Dusting a little here and wiping down a little there probably doesn’t seem like much — but these small efforts pay off in the long run. When…

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I know what you’re thinking: “Here’s another self-righteous blogger who thinks there’s something noble about being cleaner and tidier than everyone else”. But yes, it’s true and I speak on behalf of all neat freaks as I write this: Being clean and tidy is a reflection of your state of mind. Our surroundings are organized because our minds are too! So what if I’m a neat freak?  What’s it to you? I guarantee other areas of your life will quickly fall into place once you join the militia of other like-mindeds out there. So read on to see why being a neat freak is the only way to live! Neat on the Outside / Neat on the Inside Let’s just say we neat freaks can think better when our desks are clutterless and the pillow cushions are straight. Yes, we…

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One of the best ways to give your home or business an instant facelift is by giving the windows a good cleaning. Shiny windows that are free of dirt and grime allow natural sunlight to pour in, making the interior space seem fresher and sometimes, even bigger. But when it’s time to give these window panes a good scrub, many of us resort to the good old rag-and-Windex routine. Although a bit of elbow grease seems effective, this technique is not the best when getting rid of the outdoor film that cars and pollution leave behind. Hiring a professional cleaner to get the job done right is often the best way to go. However, it is very possible to clean your own windows like a pro. So check out our handy tips and you’ll have squeaky-clean, streak-free windows in no…

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