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Lampshades are often overlooked when it comes to household chores. After all, they’re out of the way for the most part and don’t encounter the same sort of spills and messy mishaps as other furniture in the house. That being said, if you neglect your lampshades year after year there’s a very good chance you’ll start noticing some signs of aging like discoloration, frayed edges, and a hard to budge build-up of dust. Here are a few tips to make sure this doesn’t happen, and keep your lampshades clean and shiny like they should be! Before you start, keep in mind that not all lamp shades are washable. If you’ve kept the care information from the manufacturer, then be sure to consult before beginning. If not, try to find the info online. Now that you know whether or not you’re…

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We’ve spoken to a lot of families, and almost all have agreed that one of the biggest points of contention in their household, is cleaning and chores. Nobody likes housework (or if they do, most don’t admit to it), and more often than not, one person gets saddled with cleaning almost every room in the house. In our opinion, this is simply not fair! Avoid this conflict by getting your whole family involved with cleaning the house using some of these tips and tricks. Keep Score Everybody enjoys a little good-natured competition. Start encouraging your whole family to partake in housekeeping by assigning point values to different chores. At the end of the week, tally them up and crown the chore champion! You’d be surprised at how fast a person will run to the dishwasher when there are points involved.…

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Cleaning the curtains is an oft-ignored chore when it comes to spring cleaning, partly because it’s easy to forget about them since they’re relatively out of the way, and partly because most people assume it will be a cumbersome and frustrating task! That said, it’s very important to keep your curtains clean since over time, they absorb all sorts of smells in your home, which can lead to foul odors and discoloration. Fortunately, cleaning your curtains doesn’t have to be a labor-intensive task. In fact, once you know how, we bet you’ll be shocked at how easy it is! Washing Machine A lot of people don’t realize this, but most curtains can actually be washed in an ordinary laundry machine, the same way you clean your clothes. This is especially true for heavier curtains. In order to keep colors and…

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When we clean our homes, it’s not just because we don’t like the look of a messy house—it’s also because dust and dirt can come with a wide array of other health concerns. What many people forget to think about however, is that cleaning products themselves can also have a lot of negative effects on our health—especially when it comes to young children and the elderly. So how do you know if the products you’re using to keep your house clean are impacting your health? Common Side Effects Eczema Respiratory Irritation Red or Watery Eyes Allergy-like symptoms If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms for an extended period of time, there’s a good chance you might be having side effects from your household cleaners and it could be time to try something new. Frequent Offenders Not sure which products…

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Laminate flooring is a popular go-to when it comes to kitchen design, thanks to the fact that it’s affordable and relatively low maintenance. That said, although it’s much easier to take care of than alternatives like hardwood or fancy tile, it also tends to show every speck and streak of dirt if left unattended. Proper cleaning technique is more important than ever when it comes to laminate, which is why we’ve compiled this handy list of tips on keeping your floor sparkly and clean! Skip the Broom As surprising as it might seem, using a broom on your laminate floor is a bad idea. A traditional broom will always leave dirt and crumbs behind, and can even result in permanent scratches. Don’t get too excited though. This isn’t an excuse for you to stop sweeping entirely; it just means you…

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