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Getting your kids to clean up the room can be a challenge that leaves both of you irritated and angry. Many kids will do just about anything to avoid cleaning up including whining, dawdling, getting distracted or trying to distract you, and outright refusal. Yelling, threatening, or cajoling may work sometimes but it is a not a long-term strategy as it will just put everyone in a bad mood and make them more resentful of having to clean up. But it is important to teach children to establish a routine of tidying up regularly, calmly, and – eventually – without prompting. This is an essential part of learning important life skills. In order to help you overcome and eventually avoid having this battle, here are some great tips to help you motivate your children to clean up. Set a good…

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While there is no way to guarantee that you will never get sick, there are ways to increase the odds of avoiding illness and one of the best ways to do so is to keep a clean house. Most people are more likely to catch a cold or flu from germs in their own house than anywhere else so cleaning regularly is an important component of maintaining good health. The entire house should be cleaned regularly but there are three main areas of the house which are special breeding grounds for germs and they are also the rooms in which we spend most of our time: the kitchen, the bathroom, and our bedrooms.   Kitchen There are many places in the kitchen that germs can grow including sponges, sink drains, counter tops, and kitchen towels. In order to get rid…

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