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Canadians are becoming concerned about the chemicals in regular cleaning products—and with good reason. Some of the ingredients in regular household cleaning products can be toxic and hazardous to our health. Ammonia, for example, is a common ingredient in glass cleaners but ammonia vapours can irritate the skin, throat, and eyes. Fortunately, there are plenty of eco-friendly and healthy green alternatives so we can breathe easy as we clean. Here are some steps for maintaining a clean green home. Keep the dirt out A simple first step is to prevent bringing dirt and environmental toxins into your home: don’t wear outdoor shoes indoors. It’s not just the usual suspects of dog waste or mud, but particulate pollution and pollen can also be tracked onto your carpets and floors. This is especially important if you have young children who spend a…

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Its summer, and you want to be outside enjoying the sunshine, not indoors sweltering over your vacuum cleaner. Summer also brings its own cleaning challenges, from greasy grills on your BBQ to sunscreen staining your clothes. However, dirt doesn’t take a vacation and we all know putting it off just makes it worse. Don’t feel you have to do all the cleaning yourself, either. If the kids are home, ask (or bribe!) them to help get the job done quickly so you can all get out there and enjoy the summer. Here are 5 top tips to make your summer shine: Greasy grills Start cleaning your BBQ when the grill is still warm. Jolie Kerr, author of the column Ask a Clean Person, says the grill should be scrubbed with a wire brush. If this does not work, you may…

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