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You spend a lot of time in your office space, so the state it’s kept is bound to have a huge impact on how you work. When your area is cluttered and disorganized it can distract you, taking precious time away from the work you have to do and creating a tense, anxious environment. Keeping your workspace clean is a highly important, and often often overlooked, element of professionalism, but it’s often one of the most ignored chores. Here are some tips on how to organize your workspace to look cleaner and to help you feel better! First of all, start from scratch. Clear your desk off completely and only let things you regularly use rest on the surface. Put everything else in a drawer to sort through later. This will help to clear you mind and let you focus…

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Antique furniture is beautiful, but how do you keep it clean without permanently damaging it? There are a number of different ways that involve spending a lot of money and hiring a professional to do the job, but when you’re on a budget, the easiest options aren’t always the best. Here’s how you can clean your antique furniture on your own without damaging any of the lovely pieces in your home. First of all, you need to remove any and all wax from the furniture before you begin the cleaning process, as cleaners aren’t able to penetrate through a buildup of old wax. Remember, you don’t know who owned this furniture before or how they cleaned it, so start from the base. There are a variety of wax cleaners you can purchase at home hardware stores, or you can use…

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