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Mirror, mirror, on the wall…it’s hard to tell if you’re the fairest of them all if you can hardly see your reflection! Mirrors, especially bathroom mirrors, seem to magically attract streaks, dust, and splatters, but you can keep the mirrors in your home sparkling clean without using expensive cleaning solutions. How to clean your mirrors All you need are these simple household items: a vinegar-water mix warm water rubbing alcohol microfiber cloth If your mirrors are not very dirty, simply spray on some warm water and rub dry with a microfiber cloth. Rub in circular motions to prevent leaving smears. Use a microfiber cloth, not paper towels. In addition to being wasteful, paper towels can leave residue and streaks behind. If your mirror has a lot of stains, such as toothpaste, hairspray, or makeup, use rubbing alcohol for spot-treatment. Apply…

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Single guys change their bed sheets every three months, on average, according to a report by a mattress company. This report by Ergoflex may make your skin crawl – literally! Couples were reportedly the cleanest, changing their bed sheets every two weeks, on average. But is even this enough? Why should we change our bed sheets? Its not just sweat and dirt which need cleaning off our bed sheets. Our sheets—and pillows and mattresses—are also full of dust mites. These house dust mites live off our dead skin cells. The presence of dust mites is perfectly normal, but when they add on dirty sheets, we can end up breathing in their excrement. Is your skin crawling yet? The average human sheds one gram of skin when sleeping for 8 hours. These dead skin cells, plus sweat, create the perfect environment…

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