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Viruses can live outside the body. They only require moisture to stay alive. As long as there is enough water to form microscopic droplets, viruses will stick around. In most places, viruses will live for about 24 hours outside the body. In some cases, though, they have been known to last up to a full week. After fight off an infection, you can get sick again days later just by handling your stuff. What to Clean: Solid versus Porous Surfaces Porous surfaces disperse water droplets, effectively killing viruses. Viruses can only survive on extremely absorbent materials, like tissues, for about 15 minutes. Couches, upholstered chairs, and bedding are also quite safe from viruses. Hard surfaces, on the other hand, are where the danger is. Focus your cleaning efforts on everything in your house that does not absorb moisture. When moisture…

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When you finish your move, you’re going to be exhausted. You’ll just want to unpack and enjoy your new home. But you can’t. You still have to clean your old place for the new owners or tenants. If you can, we’d recommend just hiring a cleaning service. Moving is so time-consuming that you don’t need the extra commitment. But, if you don’t want to hire a service, you can make the process easier by tidying in advance. Before you move, follow these steps: Organize your Stuff This will help the movers work faster. Get everything off the floor and within easy reach so it’s easier for your friends, family, or movers to pick up. Throw out anything you don’t use, since there’s no reason to pay to move it. Clean Scuffs Off All Visible Walls You can’t fully clean your…

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