How to Clean Your Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths are so effective at cleaning, the fabric is used in various cleaning products including rags, dusters, mops, and cleaning mitts. Microfiber is a synthetic material with fibers that are finer than ones you would find in many common cleaning fabrics. These fibers are made of a durable material to withstand wiping, mopping, and...

May 19, 2015August 11, 2022by

How to Minimize Allergies

Allergies are worst when you come into contact with the allergen that triggers your symptoms, which is sometimes unavoidable when you’re in an open or public space. While it’s tricky to avoid or reduce your exposure to allergens when you leave your house, there is no reason to continue exposing yourself while at home where...

May 5, 2015May 5, 2015by