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Microfiber cloths are so effective at cleaning, the fabric is used in various cleaning products including rags, dusters, mops, and cleaning mitts. Microfiber is a synthetic material with fibers that are finer than ones you would find in many common cleaning fabrics. These fibers are made of a durable material to withstand wiping, mopping, and wringing out. Dense microfiber material means a high total surface area, great for absorbing large amounts of liquids and small particles of dirt at once. It’s also soft enough to be used on scratchable surfaces like glass or the clear coat on your car. With a bit of care, you will be able to use your microfiber products for up to hundreds of washes. How to Wash Microfiber Microfiber cloths are not delicate like silk, so you can go ahead and throw them into the…

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A halo that reflects a life of wisdom, kindness,and caring. Eyes that sparkle with pride and show how much she believes in you. Shoulders that have been slept on and wept on and carried a world or two. Arms that never run out of hugs. Hands that know just when to hold on and when to let go. A mind filled with amazing things, from fairy tales to family tails and long-ago stories of you. A smile that can jump right into your heart and warm you faster than hot chocolate. A heart of gold that holds more love than you can possibly imagine. Author Unknown To all Mom’s Happy Mother’s Day! from all of us at Sunrise-Cleaning.  

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Allergies are worst when you come into contact with the allergen that triggers your symptoms, which is sometimes unavoidable when you’re in an open or public space. While it’s tricky to avoid or reduce your exposure to allergens when you leave your house, there is no reason to continue exposing yourself while at home where you have greater control of the space. The simple habits below will greatly minimize the effects of your allergies! Don’t Wear Your Shoes at Home Keeping the articles of clothing you wore outdoors from spreading things like pollen and pet dander inside your house is a good way to give yourself a break from your irritants. Take your shoes off and leave them at the door or remove your jacket and store it in the coat closet. Consider changing your clothes and storing them in…

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