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Post construction or renovation cleaning services are extremely important to ensure that the construction crew has completed their project, and make the area clean and safe for human dwelling. This kind of cleaning, whether for a residential or commercial building, should be performed by a professional commercial cleaning company that has the necessary expertise and experience to do the work according to set standards. Why Is Post Renovation Cleanup Important? While some do it to satisfy legal requirements, such as the removal of debris from the yard, it is important to note that new or renovated homes and buildings need thorough cleaning in both their interiors and exteriors in order to: •Keep the ducts clean – even when the contractors do their best work, it is inevitable that some dust and debris will still make its way into the building…

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When creating a cleaning schedule for your cleaning services, you have to consider several things, including how often you want cleaning tasks to be performed, how long each cleaning task takes versus the amount of time your cleaner will be at your home for, and the areas that need cleaning more frequently than others. How often you need your cleaning service to come also depends on whether you live alone, whether there are children in the house, whether there is a pet, whether the people you are living with have allergies, and many other factors. So how do you come up with a proper schedule that suits your living arrangement? Identify Your Home’s Cleaning Needs Before you schedule your cleaning service for specific tasks and intervals, it’s important to identify exactly what needs cleaning in your house. The master task…

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