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Why do we turn the water hot when it’s time to wash something? Oddly, it’s a mix of both myths and facts. Myth: Hot Water Kills Germs This myth is so deep-rooted that almost everyone washes their hands in hot water. This trend alone uses more energy in the United States than the nation of Barbados uses as a whole throughout the entire year, and it’s based on a complete lie. This lie is believable because boiling water does, indeed, kill germs. However, humans cannot possibly stand the kind of heat that would be required, either when washing their hands or sponging down a countertop. Even the weakest of germs requires at least a full minute of exposure at 55 degrees Celsius, far more than human skin could stand. The stronger germs, including those that cause the common cold, require…

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The Internet has led to a profound change in people’s knowledge about cleaning products. Thanks to the easy access of websites like Google, many people have learned about the risks of non-green cleaning, as well as the low cost and high effectiveness of green products. The Evidence For example, more people than ever have seen the EPA summary on the importance of green cleaning products. This summary found that non-green products pose a significant risk to wildlife in area without modern sewage treatment, a small but noticeable effect on nitrate concentration even in treated sewage (causing algal blooms and choking fish), and, most importantly, real effects on the health of people who use non-green products. That last effect is increasingly a point of focus for people. Non-green products’ greatest effect is not on the environment at large, but on the…

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