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No question, many conventional household cleaning products available on the market today are very effective cleaning agents. Yet, what concerns most of us is that most of them are petroleum-based — a controversial fact that has been widely debated vis a vis health and environmental effects. It really doesn’t help that some of these products have labels that shout “caution,” “danger,” “warning,” or what can really rattle our nerves, “poison!” There are certainly many ways to have a clean house without the aid of these potentially harmful products. One sure way is to buy green cleaning products. There are many brands on the market today that are made from renewable resources (i.e., sans petroleum), and are non-toxic and biodegradable. Companies such as Seventh Generation, Greenworks, Method and Biokleen market full lines of green household cleaners, and these products are widely…

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No doubt about it, cleaning the house is a chore. However, it can either be a huge chore to be avoided at all possible costs — a bone of spousal contention, and a bane of your existence — or it can be something that is done relatively quickly and without too much stress and frustration. It all comes down to pre-work, organization, tools, logistics, and attitude. A little at a time pays off big at crunch time This tip is simple but oh, so crucial: keep your house clutter free on a daily basis. That means, everybody has to put away things from whence they got them once they’re done with them. If this is a relatively novel idea for you and your family, it might take a bit of time to learn to stick to it on a daily…

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