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Many people these days simply don’t have time to do the cleaning – work and childcare frequently get in the way. So they choose to hire cleaning services instead, but unfortunately they may not always get what they pay for. We’ve created a list to help you understand exactly what you need from a cleaning service so you can hire the best people for the job. Do they have other happy customers? Ask your friends and family for cleaning contractor recommendations. If they rave about a particular company, look them up yourself! However, if you see any red flags when you Google them, reconsider – or at least email them with your concerns. Is the company insured? If they aren’t, move on to the next option. Accidents can happen whilst a cleaning contractor is in your house, or things could…

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Moving into a house (and staying there for the long term) can be a difficult job, but the best way to avoid problems with future cleanliness is to thoroughly do it when you first move in. Your best option for a top-to-bottom scrub is a professional cleaning service, as they’ll have the tools and supplies readily available for any job needed, whereas yours will likely be packed away for the time being. However if you are able to take the DIY route, here’s a list of the areas you need to clean when you first move in. Behind the refrigerators Sadly, few people ever think to clean behind the fridge! But it’s most certainly an area where dust, dirt, and many unpleasant things can build up. Move the refrigerator out of its place, and give the floor where it stood…

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