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Renovations, large or small, can be hectic and can require a lot of clean up afterwards. Here are some tips to get your house back-to-new (rather, better-than-new) in no time. Dusting As we all know, renovations can leave heaps of dust, plaster and otherwise, behind. There are a few ways to get rid of dust, depending on your needs: For freshly painted surfaces, dry dust using a duster. Use a broom or extension duster to reach places that are high up or otherwise difficult to reach. Vacuum with a brush attachment. Wipe surfaces down with a damp cloth. Certain areas can collect a lot of dust during a renovation, including vents, air filters, and light fixtures. You may have to unscrew light fixtures and vents, and clean them with soap and warm water. Air filters may need to be replaced.…

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Spring cleaning can be difficult, but the results are always satisfying! Since many of us let things slide in the winter months, beginning spring cleaning can be an overwhelming chore. With winter over its peak, spring is just around the corner, and with it will comes this potentially daunting seasonal task. The basics of spring cleaning usually include decluttering and reorganizing, maybe even redecorating, but in this article we’re looking at a few things that can be easy to overlook. Vacuum Everything Of course, vacuuming is one of the first things that we think of when we clean, but there are certain parts of the house that are easy to overlook, and that can gather huge amounts of dust. Areas like air vents and blinds usually require special attention. When vacuuming hard to reach areas, try out different attachments, for…

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