How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom?

It’s an inarguable fact: cleaning the bathroom is not a joy. The joy comes afterwards, knowing that you now have a clean bathroom. But it is certainly not a pleasurable experience in the sense that you look forward to doing it for its own sake. The question arises: how often should you clean your bathroom?...

March 28, 2016March 28, 2016by

Go Green! Eco-Friendly Cleaning For Your Home

Keeping a clean home is a marathon, not a sprint. All of the little things that you do on a daily basis (tidying up, giving a counter a once over, etc.) add up to cleanliness. During the course of all of those little micro-chores, a lot of chemicals are used, flushed down the toilet and...

March 7, 2016March 7, 2016by