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With your due date in the coming weeks and the excitement of the baby’s arrival, cleaning is probably one of the furthest things from your mind, but it’s important to welcome your new baby into a clean environment. Within this latest post, we’ll provide our five tips for welcoming a new baby into a clean home. Clean the Carpets Thoroughly Carpets should be cleaned with precision when welcoming a new baby into the home. There will be moments when you’ll want to place the baby on the floor space for comfort, so it’s important that all dust and dirt is removed expertly before the due date. If you’re uncomfortable completing this task alone, ask for specialist assistance from a professional to ensure an effective and safe cleaning process. Clean Out Kitchen Cabinets You’ll be stocking your kitchen cabinets with baby…

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Illnesses can impact your day-to-day routines. They can certainly make it more difficult to keep up with home maintenance. And so when you’ve recovered from a recent illness, you might need to spend some time cleaning the home and removing infected elements that could lead to a recurrence of the issue. In this latest post, our cleaning experts provide their quick guide to cleaning after an illness. Start with the Laundry Room As you begin the cleaning process, you can start with the space in which you’ll be conducting the most important cleaning work – the laundry room. Be sure to give the surfaces within your laundry room a clean with a vinegar solution. And then, when all parts of the room are clean, you can take dirty laundry into the space and it in a hot temperature wash to…

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