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Toys come into contact with all sorts of grime, dirt and germs as they are hurled, hauled, dragged and kicked about the house. Even after cleaning them, it is only a matter of time before they are once again covered in dirt. It can be quite a tedious task, but that is one of the responsibilities of a parent or babysitter. While most parents are absolutely comfortable with the hassle, many of them do not know how to wash toys correctly. It may seem negligible, but how you handle different materials and sizes of toys carries a great deal of weight. Below is a guide on how to clean toys with respect to their size, material and other factors. How to Wash Different Sizes of Toys For small toys without batteries, dip them inside a washbasin with warm water and…

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Floods usually take homeowners by surprise, so possessions that are stored or used in affected areas of the home will be damaged by water. The main difficulty with cleaning up after a flood is the fight against time, so you’ll have to be strategic about your efforts. Stay safe Turn off the power at the electrical panel when it’s safe to do so. If you’re not familiar with electrical maintenance, call your local utility company or electrician for assistance in shutting the power down. It’s important to do this in case you’ve left appliances plugged into the outlets because there may be a risk of shock if you come into contact with the water. Furthermore, floodwater is often unhygienic as much of it hasn’t been treated, so make sure to take proper precautions to minimize exposure. Clear out the room…

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Fall brings forth cooler temperatures, and since it comes immediately after a very hot season, preparing in advance is advisable in order to avoid rushing to keep up once the season changes. Below are a few things you can do days, or even weeks, beforehand to avoid the adverse impact of the sudden switch in weather. Clean Your Gutters One of the prime characteristics of fall is the falling of leaves. Gutters are among the places where leaves readily settle and pile up if left untended. The risk of clogging increases and so does that of rainwater pooling, which causes damage when that water expands and freezes. Having leaves in your gutters also increases the risk of potentially dangerous icicles forming overhead. Trim Your Trees To prevent snow and ice clumps from forming on boughs that are closer to your…

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Some estimates say that there are at least 350 million kinds of algae, most of which are located in the oceans—but some algae can even grow on concrete, as long as the conditions are damp. Algae removal is slightly tricky compared to other types of messes you might deal with, but using the right tools, the clean up is simple. Algae, moss, or mold? All three types of growth can thrive in similar environments, so it’s not always enough to guess what kind of plant you’re trying to remove. Moss resembles a typical house plant the most, in that it has stems and is structured—in fact, it’s almost like a plant with feathery leaves. Mold can be greenish, but it’s also, black, white, red, or yellow. Algae is amorphous and usually a deep green, but the telltale sign is that…

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