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Have you been considering adding a regular, scheduled cleaning service to your home? If you are going over an extensive list of pros and cons and can’t make a decision, let us make it for you. Here is our top ten list of why our cleaning service is a great option for your home and family: Life is busy You probably say all the time that you wish you had more time to get things done. Well, let us get it done for you, properly. A cleaning service is a great solution for busy people on the go. Don’t worry if you have to stay late at work, or have to get your kids to soccer, because we will make sure the busywork is done before you even get home. Come home to a clean house Who doesn’t love stepping…

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While many people like to perform a large spring cleaning to say “out with the winter blues and in with the fresh air” it is also prudent to complete an autumn clean that prepares your home for winter and the upcoming holidays! Here is a quick checklist that will allow you to be winter-ready in no time at all! Work outside in Take advantage of the last of the warmer weather and clean up the exterior of your home before it’s hit with heavy rain and snow. Start by cleaning up all of your summer items including patio furniture and larger children’s toys. Be sure to give them a thorough cleaning before putting them in the appropriate storage for the winter months. Next, wipe down and cleanse all surface areas including doors, windows, trim railings, decks, and sheds. This is…

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