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The Christmas holidays are a wonderful season full of family gatherings. If your home seems to be homebase to many of these events, you may feel overwhelmed trying to prepare your home to receive guests. You are not alone. To help you with this seasonal task, we have prepared a list of quick tips to get your home cheerfully clean for the Christmas crowd! Declutter. If you minimize the knickknacks out and about in your home’s common areas, there will be less to organize and tidy before and after events. Streamline what you want out for necessity and what you want for decor and leave it at that. You can always pull out the old magazines and kids’ art post-holiday haze. Make a checklist. Design a room-by-room plan and have an order from top-down, inside-out to clean and organize. Get…

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If you have been out and about lately, you have heard the jingle of holiday music filling the shops and preparing for the kickoff of the Christmas season. While it is exciting to start decorating and planning our Christmas lists, one thing that can often go forgotten is the impact all of our holiday activity has on the environment. Tissue paper, gift wrap, carbon emissions and packaging are only some of the carbon print left behind come the new year, why not consider going green this Christmas? Here are some simple tips to help you and your family celebrate a Green Christmas! Turn Down The Heat If you are feeling frosty inside your home make sure to bundle up before cranking the heat! Put on toasty socks and a sweater and use a blanket when curled up watching TV or…

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