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The holidays are over for another year. Now the tree needs to be packed away, and left in its place is a month’s worth of dust and a reminder that your home needs a thorough cleaning! The easiest way to tackle your mess is to not let it accumulate at all! Here are some big benefits to keeping your home clean regularly! A clean home, is a healthy home! If you keep up to date with surface cleaning, scrubbing and sanitizing your space there will be little chance for dust, allergens, bacteria, and viruses to accumulate and cause health issues to you and your family. Disinfect high traffic areas like the kitchen and bathroom to reduce mold, mildew and other pathogens from building up and reduce your chance of illness all year round! Get your exercise! Did you know that…

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One of the warmest additions to any household is a four-legged friend that provides unconditional love to the whole family! Love your furry friend? Don’t love the messes and pet odours they leave around your home? Here are some quick tips to help get your pet-friendly home guest-friendly as well! Clean up messes immediately! One of the best things you can do to save your carpets and upholstered areas is make sure any pet messes are handled when they are fresh. Use thick paper towel to soak up urine from the material or carpet. Get out all excess moisture and then rinse with clean and cool water. Next, blot dry with a clean towel or paper towel. Then, you will want to determine the cleaning product that suits the surface area best. Select a carpet or upholstery cleaner that is…

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