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Apartment living can be so much fun! Usually, your only concern is paying your bills and keeping your space tasteful and clean. When it comes to the clean part, there are some things to have around that will make your cleaning day go much more smoothly. Here are some essentials to include in your apartment cleaning kit, and ones used by companies offering customized cleaning services:   Cleaning Supplies Wood cleaner to polish furniture and keep dust at bay on vents, ceiling fans and the like; Glass cleaner such as Windex, or you can make your own with a couple tablespoons of white vinegar and three cups of water; Dish soap which you can use as a spot cleaner for carpets and furniture by simply adding a few drops to a cup of water; Baking soda which mixed with lemon…

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It’s cleaning day and you’re dreading how to go about cleaning those hard-to-reach spots in your home that you know need to be done. It seems like a constant battle. But there are some great hacks on getting to these tough spots in your home. Here are a few you might want to try out!   Blinds and Tongs A very inventive idea is to take a pair of cooking tongs and use elastics to affix damp, lint-free cloths around them. It’s a terrific way to clean the slats of the blinds. Window Frames One of the banes of a house cleaner’s existence, window frames are tough to clean well. But, if you put an empty toilet paper tube on the end of your vacuum’s suction tube, getting all that dirt out is a piece of cake. Since the tube…

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