3 Neat Folding Tips

In order to maintain a clean and pristine household, one of the best things you can do is to learn how to fold properly. Linens, clothes, and other fabrics give a much more organized and clean appearance when they are folded properly. Not to mention, folding can be a wonderful space saver, especially for those unruly small dresser drawers that we tend to overfill.

Folding Tips

Luckily, there are many different ways to fold. Of course, this will depend on what you are folding. Nevertheless, once you have nailed a few of the techniques, it will only get easier and easier to fold.

Tip #1: Rolling Clothes for Suitcases and Drawers

Begin by laying the article of clothing down completely flat. Fold the garment over by about 4 inches. Make sure that the article of clothing is completely flat and free of creases. As usual, bring one end over to the other. All sleeves should be pulled inwards and folded over. Roll the clothing tightly and use the 4 inch lip that you created in the beginning to pull over the roll. This will hold it together.

Tip #2: Folding Jeans and Pants

Lay the pants on a flat surface and smooth them out with your hands. Fold the pants in half, allowing the back of one half of the pants to be facing upwards. Take the top of the pants and fold it over past the crotch. Then, take the bottom of the pants and fold them upwards over the crotch area as well. Fold the pants over one more time.

Tip #3: Folding Sweatshirts

Folding sweaters, especially bulky ones, is never an easy task. However, if you begin by laying the sweater flat and smoothing out all of the creases, it’ll be much easier. Fold both sleeves over, crossing each other. Fold one half of the garment in, stopping at the center of the sweater. Then, fold the other half in, doing the same. Then take the bottom of the sweater and fold the entire garment in half once again.

Folding may be something that doesn’t ever interest you. It is time consuming and stops us from getting anything else done around the house. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful way to keep your home looking its best and it allows you to fit all of the clothes in your dresser drawers more efficiently than if you were to just shove them in there. Folding prevents wrinkles and saves a lot of space.