5 Things You Must Clean When Moving into a New Home

  1. Kitchen Hood
  2. In general, a thorough clean of a stove upon moving in is a good idea. Cleaning a kitchen hood, however, is an absolute necessity. Most people will not bother to clean the kitchen hood if they are planning to move out, meaning that there could be a potentially dangerous amount of grease and ash still stuck to it. This creates safety risks.

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    A clogged and dirty hood will not effectively vent the stovetop area, meaning that more dangerous substances are released into your home. These include nitrogen dioxide, a lung irritant created by incomplete gas combustion; fluorocarbons, toxic chemicals created by heating Teflon that kill birds and cause flu-like symptoms in humans; and grease particulates that cause coughing in humans and can stick to surfaces in the house, creating a grimy interior.

    Even worse, a clogged hood cannot disperse smoke properly, meaning that burning food can cause smoke inhalation injuries.

    Avoid all these problems with a good grease-cleaner and some hard work.

  3. Vents and Filters
  4. No-one likes cleaning vents or replacing filters, and no-one looks at them when buying a home, so they’re almost always dirty when moving in. This is a nightmare for people who suffer from asthma or allergies, and is also terrible for a home’s energy efficiency. Clean the vents and fans, and replace the filters.

  5. Fridge
  6. The fridge is a place of lingering odors and slow-growth bacteria. Sanitize and de-odorize it to make it as good as new!

  7. Outlets, Windows, and Baseboards
  8. All of these areas can be a host to mold, even in a new-built home. The lumber used to make the house may well have already been hosting mold, and spores spread out from the wood in areas exposed to moisture. Clean while wearing goggles and a mask.

  9. Bathtub
  10. Bathtubs are playgrounds for micro-organisms like bacteria and mold. Even if you can’t see it, it might be there. Scrub the grime and soap scum entirely off the tub, then sanitize. That way, you won’t be taking a bath in someone else’s germs!

    Even in a new-built home, there may be issues with a bathtub. Porcelain attracts dust and may have toxic or irritating particles from the construction process.

A complete, top-to-bottom professional clean is the best way to make sure that your house is clean and safe for you and your family!