5 Tips For Keeping Your House Or Office Clean With Pets

People who have pets usually treat them like they’re part of the family. If your dog, cat, or any other pet you might have has the run of your home or your office space, you may need some extra pointers to keep Fluffy or Fido’s fur off your floors and furniture. Here are some handy tips you might want to use to keep your house spic and span while not restricting your pets as to where they can go in your home.

Home And Office Cleaning Tips When You Have Pets

1. Duct Tape Is Your Best Friend

Nothing removes pet hair from furniture like duct tape. It’s inexpensive and easy to use for removing pet hair from furniture. You just need to wrap it sticky side up around your hand and start patting down your furniture with it. You’ll be amazed at how furry the duct tape will get.

2. Enzymes Work Wonders

There are many pet products on the market today containing special enzymes that neutralize pet odours. They can be used on most fabrics and carpets, but always check the labels. You still might want to contact a cleaning company specializing in home cleaning packages every so often to give your carpets and furniture a really good cleaning.

3. Pet Repellent

If you really want your furry friends to stay off the furniture, you can purchase a pet repellent. No chemical here. Just buy a plastic carpet protector and put it on your sofa or chair with the prickly side up. Your pets will find it pretty uncomfortable, but remember to take it off before you sit down, because so will you!

4. Train Your Pets to Love the Vacuum

There’s nothing like giving your dog a good once-over with the hand held nozzle of your vacuum cleaner. Once your pet gets used to the noise, it may actually enjoy being stroked with the vacuum. It sure sucks up a lot of loose fur that would otherwise end up in your house or office.

5. Keep the Couch Cat Free

Laying a long piece of tin foil on the couch will keep cats off it. They won’t like the feel of the foil, nor the sound it makes when they jump up on it.

There are times when your home or office space could use some additional help when it has a furry tenant. Those are the times to get in touch with companies offering office cleaning services or home cleaning packages.