The Ultimate Cleaning To-Do List Before Moving Into A New House

Moving into a new home should be an exciting time, but that doesn’t mean that it’s all fun and games. Before moving day, before unpacking all the boxes and before unloading all of your stuff, you’ll want to make sure that you give your new home a good cleaning. There are lots of reasons why...

July 25, 2016August 10, 2022by

5 Things You Must Clean When Moving into a New Home

Kitchen Hood In general, a thorough clean of a stove upon moving in is a good idea. Cleaning a kitchen hood, however, is an absolute necessity. Most people will not bother to clean the kitchen hood if they are planning to move out, meaning that there could be a potentially dangerous amount of grease and...

November 26, 2014November 26, 2014by

Best Cleaning Tips for People with Allergies

During allergy season, doctors recommend limiting time outdoors to prevent allergic reactions. This advice, unfortunately, does not help much if your indoors environment is full of allergens! Common allergens like pollen and dust mites can build up in your home, turning your safe haven into a danger zone. Here are some tips to help you...

November 12, 2014November 12, 2014by

Pro-Tips for Cleaning Windows

One of the best ways to give your home or business an instant facelift is by giving the windows a good cleaning. Shiny windows that are free of dirt and grime allow natural sunlight to pour in, making the interior space seem fresher and sometimes, even bigger. But when it’s time to give these window...

February 3, 2014August 11, 2022by