The Benefits of Random Cleaning Sessions and How to Get Yourself in the Habit

Random CleaningWhen it comes to household cleaning, we’re all familiar “the grand sweep” aren’t we? You know, those clean-up extravaganzas where you dedicate a full weekend to vacuuming the floors, scrubbing down the bathtubs and tossing out last year’s junk from the garage. Although it may seem time-efficient to batch all of your cleaning tasks together in one fell swoop, did you know that this method is actually less productive?

Random cleaning sessions should be implemented into your weekly routine, so you can avoid those back-breaking chores down the line. Below are some of the benefits of day-to-day cleaning and helpful tips to get yourself in the habit!

Less Cleaning in the Long Run

Dusting a little here and wiping down a little there probably doesn’t seem like much — but these small efforts pay off in the long run. When you allow dirt and debris to accumulate over time, more elbow grease is required to clean up all that mess. Attack certain sections of your home on a daily or weekly basis to prevent grime build-up. Key areas include high-traffic zones like the kitchen, bathroom and even the front hallway. By cleaning up each day, you’re saving yourself from a weekend of heavy-duty lifting — allowing you to spend this time doing something more enjoyable.

More Pleasurable Living Spaces

After a hectic day at work and running errands around the city, don’t you love coming home to a tidy space? Research shows that families are happier and healthier when their homes are clean and well-organized. It’s like stepping into your own personal oasis. But the only way to make this happen is by implementing randomized cleaning sessions all month long. Ask the kids to pick up their clothes as they go, as opposed to allowing track pants and t-shirts to accumulate throughout the house. Make sure shoes are put away neatly as soon as family members come home, instead of letting them pile up at the front door. Make it a habit to do dishes every night and wipe down the counters and tabletops after every family meal.

Designate Family Members to Take Care of Certain Areas

If cleaning sessions for the entire house are too much to tackle alone, consider asking family members to take care of a designated section. For example, you could be in charge of maintaining tidiness in the kitchen while your partner takes care of vacuuming and dusting duties in the living room. One of your kids can be the designated cleaner for the family den while your other child is in charge of tidying up one of the upstairs bedrooms. Bathroom duties can then be split up amongst all members. Dividing up the chores gives each member a sense of pride as they each take care of their established zones. This is also a good way to instill responsibility in teenagers and encourage them to pitch in around the house.

Come Up with a Routine and Stick to It

Household chores of any kind can be a drag, but it can be helpful for you to implement cleaning sessions that fall on the same day each week. For example, if you know that Wednesday evenings you will designate 30 minutes for cleaning tasks — chances are you will stick to it because it has been built into your weekly calendar. By disciplining yourself to isolate 30 minutes each Wednesday, you’ll be sure to schedule all other activities (professional and social) around this allotted time.

Try implementing these tips into your daily lifestyle, and you’ll be dodging those painful clean-up bonanzas in no time! This will allow you to spend your days doing more enjoyable things, like being with family and participating in the hobbies you love.

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