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Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Home

Spring cleaning, our favourite event of the year! Spring cleaning is synonymous with doing a deep clean of your entire home, paying close attention to the spots and crevices that are usually passed over. It’s important to do a thorough cleaning regularly to maintain the condition of your home’s assets, such as floors, bannisters, window dressings and steel fixtures. There are so many reasons to embrace spring cleaning. It increases your productivity, cuts down on allergens in the home and…

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Fall brings forth cooler temperatures, and since it comes immediately after a very hot season, preparing in advance is advisable in order to avoid rushing to keep up once the season changes. Below are a few things you can do days, or even weeks, beforehand to avoid the adverse impact of the sudden switch in weather. Clean Your Gutters One of the prime characteristics of fall is the falling of leaves. Gutters are among the places where leaves readily settle and pile up if left untended. The risk of clogging increases and so does that of rainwater pooling, which causes damage when that water expands and freezes. Having leaves in your gutters also increases the risk of potentially dangerous icicles forming overhead. Trim Your Trees To prevent snow and ice clumps from forming on boughs that are closer to your…

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Despite a long and seemingly endless winter, the sun is back out and Spring is here which means long walks outside, dinners out on the patio, and of course, spring cleaning! These two words have the potential to instil a sense of overwhelming fear in a lot of people, as they think of all the dust and junk that has compiled in their homes over the winter. Luckily, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a painful experience. In fact, it can be very easy and highly satisfying if you just follow these tips: Make a checklist: In order to stay on track and ensure that you hit every corner of the house, you should make a checklist of everything that needs to get done before even starting. This can help you formulate your game plan, and delegate jobs amongst your…

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Our Spring Cleaning Package is a very comprehensive cleaning of the whole house. Among other tasks we move small and medium furniture and clean underneath and behind them. We supply all cleaning supplies except special cleaners (i.e. oven cleaner, marble or granite cleaner and stainless steel cleaner). Also, we provide equipment like vacuum cleaners, step ladders, long dusters, pails and mops. This cleaning package is booked with a team of two or more maids. Minimum Spring Cleaning appointment length is…

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