Cleaning Tips for Parents of Newborns

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New parents have enough to worry about without the added stress of a perfectly intact home.

Cleaning Tips For New Parents

In fact, many claim to live in a state of organized chaos for the few months while they get their bearings!

Cleaning the home doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task if you do a little bit at a time and remember that it is in fact home and not a sterile museum you live in.

Here are a few quick cleaning tips to help new parents get off to a great start:

  • Relax!
    As a new parent, you need to understand that your adult-friendly home is likely going to get a little messy. This means toys and blankets, clothes and more will inevitably find their way to every surface of your home, and you’re going to have to learn at times to be ok with that.

    But messy doesn’t mean dirty! The dirt and grime still have to be addressed and the best way to do that is…

  • Make time.
    Any new parent can tell you that you won’t have a lot of time to yourself, let alone to do the laundry, wash your floors or even shower, but if you don’t make the time, nothing will get done.

    They best course of action is to make a cleaning schedule that you can loosely adhere to when baby is sleeping. Make each day of the week task oriented. Plan out laundry, bathrooms, floors, and other areas that need attention on specific days of the week.

    If you do a little here and there, you’ll prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed when it all piles up. But should that happen, never be afraid to…

  • Ask for help!
    We understand you want to do it all, but remember that you are only human. When people offer to assist with cooking or cleaning (especially your spouse), accept it.

    Your parents and friends have been through this before and know what a big job it is, so if they offer to help, great! If they don’t, just ask. But no matter who’s helping you clean, be sure to have on hand…

  • Baby safe cleaning products
    Though you probably made the switch to less harsh cleaning agents while pregnant, it’s imperative to continue using safe products that help keep you, the baby, and even pets safe from harmful ingredients within many household cleaners.

    Harsh agents can harm a baby’s skin, eyes, airway and more. To give your child a better chance at a healthy start, choose organic or eco-friendly products.

    While often vinegar and baking soda will do the trick, sometimes you need a stronger agent. In those instances, reference this link to some of the best natural household cleaners on the market!

For help keeping your home clean after the arrival of your bundle of joy, try Sunrise-Cleaning ! We love to clean, and it shows!