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Home CleaningThe whole point of renovating your home is to make it look nicer, but it’s hard to believe that when you look around after laying that last tile and seeing the mess surrounding you. Home renovations are tiresome, and unfortunately, even after screwing in the final light fixture, the work is far from done.

As much as you might like to lean back and enjoy your new updated and upgraded home, it’s cleaning time. On the bright side, we’re here to make things a bit easier by providing you with some tips to help strategize your plan of attack and help you clean up the aftermath as quickly and efficiently as possible!

  1. Pick up the big pieces first
  2. Before you even think about sweeping or dusting, get all of the larger debris out of your house first. We’re talking boxes, sawed of pieces of wood, and sheets of metal. Once the “big” mess is gone, you’ll be less overwhelmed it’ll be much easier to zero in on the smaller tasks.

  3. Clean fans and light fixtures
  4. You’ll want to deal with dust-coated fans and light fixtures before you even think about tackling the floor. Otherwise, debris will fall onto your freshly cleaned floors and you’ll have to mop them up all over again!

  5. Use a damp cloth on walls
  6. Considering the amount of saw dust and other debris that’s likely to have accumulated on your walls, a damp cloth will be more effective than anything else. For hard-to-reach places and ceilings, secure the cloth over a dust mop or broom stick.

  7. Sweep, then vacuum, then sweep
  8. The odds are that one sweep won’t be enough to get your floor looking as shiny and new as it is. For best results, sweep to get rid of larger debris and thick dust build-up, then vacuum to get most of the rest, followed by one more sweep with a dust mop to pick up all those remaining stragglers.

  9. Stick to mild cleaners
  10. If a damp cloth and the right cleaning tools aren’t enough to do the job, you might need to resort to cleaners or detergents. In this case, be sure to stick to mild and eco-friendly surfaces. Anything stronger might be abrasive and ruin your hard work before even get a chance to enjoy it! To play it safe, stick with one of our favour affordable and 100% alternatives—water and vinegar!


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