The Dirtiest Places in Your Office and How to Keep them Clean

Ask a co-worker what parts of the office they think are the filthiest and most will bring up office keyboards or perhaps the bathroom door handle. However, there are are other parts of the office that are teeming with germs that you may be oblivious to. Failure to properly clean an office can lead to health issues and loss of productivity, as many workers will call in sick. Below, are some of the dirtiest places in your office and how you can sterilize them without breaking the bank…or your back.

Cleaning dirtiest places in the office

The Start Button on Your Photocopier Machine

A study conducted by Hloom—a prestigious template maker—found that the average photocopier start button had 1.2 billion colony forming units per square inch; this is in stark comparison to a typical toilet seat at a school, which only has 3,200 colony forming units. As can be seen, the start button of your photocopier machine is one of the most germ-ridden spots in the office. The good news is you can clean it by using a high-quality disinfectant solution or by affixing an antimicrobial screen onto its surface.

The Surface of Your Desk

The surface of your desk will also be laden with a ton of germs. It may appear clean to the naked eye but rest assured that there are many harmful germs spread across your desk that you may not be aware of. Many busybodies also eat and drink at their desks in order to save time and make deadlines. As such, food particles and spilled liquids can cause issues, and discarded napkins, paper cups, and utensils can also serve as hot spots for nefarious germs to spread.

Many employees also make the mistake of simply wiping their desks down with a damp cloth instead of using a high-quality cleaning solution. To properly clean the surface of your desk you should use a high-quality disinfectant solution daily. If possible, come in a few minutes early and properly clean your desk before the workday begins, and, if you have the time, do the same right before exiting the office in the evening.

Vending Machine Buttons

A vending machine may appear clean, but it is also a hotspot for germs to spread. In fact, if you checked the buttons on the vending machine under a powerful microscope you would find a myriad of harmful germs and bacteria on them. Furthermore, one of the issues with vending machine buttons is that you can’t clean them using a conventional cleaning method. However, you can purchase antimicrobial resistance screens for vending machine buttons. Then, simply clean them whenever you have the time and you will reduce the propagation of germs with minimal effort.

Your Office Keyboard

While we did mention that the office keyboard isn’t the biggest ecosystem for germs, it is still one of the biggest. Dirt and dust from your table, as well as the carpet underneath your desk, will somehow find its way onto your keyboard and set up shop. In fact, it is possible to have up to 4000 germs in every square inch of your keyboard, which can make you sick. The good news is cleaning your keyboard can be a breeze if you use the proper technique and solution. Simply wipe it down using a high-quality disinfectant solution every day and you should be able to enjoy a clean (and pleasant smelling) keyboard for your office tasks.

The Refrigerator Handle

Dozens, if not hundreds of people, will need to access the office refrigerator on a daily basis, so the handle of the refrigerator will be touched a plethora of times. As such, germs can easily spread if the handle is not cleaned thoroughly and methodically. An easy solution to this issue is to ask your coworkers to wash their hands before they open the refrigerator. Evidently, not all of your coworkers will be compliant, so the only surefire way to reduce germs is to take matters into your own hands and vigorously clean the handle, as well as the surface of the fridge, with a premium quality disinfectant solution.

The Washroom Door Knob

Another classic hotspot for germs that needs to be sterilized as soon as possible is the inner knob of the washroom door. Unfortunately, many people simply do not wash their hands after using the washroom, and even the ones that do often don’t use the proper hand cleaning techniques. As such, fecal matter, and other malevolent particulates will often attach to washroom door knobs and spread from person to person. In fact, a single washroom inner doorknob in an office can house over a million harmful microbes, so cleaning it properly should be a priority. Moreover, most experts agree that an office washroom should be cleaned five times a day, with the inner door knob being no exception. Also, if your office has cleaning staff then you should ask them to also disinfect the washroom handles while they are cleaning the washrooms.


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