Our Favourite Tips From Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

If you are looking for some tidying up tips, then you’ve come to the right place. Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show has taken the world by storm. Launched on January 1st, 2019, it has since gone on to become one of Netflix’s most popular and talked about shows. Those looking to be inspired and become seasoned cleaning gurus should give the show a watch, as season 1 is available to binge on Netflix. Here, we will discuss some of the tidying up tips that Ms. Kondo has provided from her new hit show.

Our Favourite Tips From Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

Purge Your Clothing

Conventional wisdom would dictate that you tackle your cleaning chores by going from room to room in order to purge. However, Ms. Kondo has turned convention on its head with her new show, as she suggests that people clean by category instead of by room. Furthermore, she suggests beginning your cleaning purge by tackling your clothes first.  

What she discovered was that people threw and stored their clothes in a plethora of different areas in their homes. For instance, while most people would toss or store their undergarments, shirts, pants, and dresses in conventional spaces, such as dressers and closets in their bedrooms, people would also store their clothes in storage bins, dressers, and closets that are found in conventional rooms, such as their child’s room, the basement, attic, guest room, and even the garage.

The trick, then, is to pull out all the clothes from all of the hiding spots in the house and then pile them all together in one location. By having all of the clothes in your entire home separated into one large pile you can tackle your clothing purge mission easily and far more efficiently. You will also be able to elevate your home to the next level, as you will have far more free space to work with.

Place Bags in Bags

Some critics have been unfairly hard on Ms. Kondo’s rather unorthodox way of decluttering homes, but we have found her to be supportive, gentle and even encouraging of every person’s decision in terms of how to deal with the excess clothing and other such items in their homes. Examples may include fashionable handbags, men’s ties, and even children’s worn socks.

Furthermore, while some experts would tell their clients to simply reduce clutter by picking and sorting through items, throwing out, say, some of the handbags that they use less often, Ms. Kondo suggests that women store their handbags or purses into their other purses that are big enough to accommodate them. We feel that her tidying up tips are easy to implement, and are also very pragmatic, allowing people to quickly obtain more closet space that they can use for other purposes.

Clean Those Counters

It goes without saying that most people would prefer that their kitchen counters remain clutter-free. Even homeowners who are appliance aficionados will likely confess that they would still prefer a more minimalist approach, whereby they will have access to extra storage space in which to conceal their appliances and gadgets. Still, it may seem bizarre why so many people allow for things on their kitchen counters to slowly, but surely, accumulate until they form a massive mess that can be a large eyesore. The good news is Ms. Kondo has discovered the culprit; being pressed for time.

That is, most people are very busy, and simply don’t have the time to clean their counters. With schools, kids, work, and/or having to take care of elderly parents or relatives, many people are constantly on the go. However, Ms. Kondo’s show has taught us that you can find a spot for virtually everything in your home without having to go out and spend an arm and a leg on large storing shelves or a myriad of storage bins.

Her secret is to personalize your cleaning tasks. That is, she shows some of her clients that the easiest way to purge is to determine what you truly need and what is just taking up valuable real estate unnecessarily. For instance, in one of her episodes (“From Students to Improvements”) she shows the couple featured in the episode that they simply do not need nearly 20 coffee mugs.

Many people don’t like to let go of certain items, either because they feel it would be a waste of money to simply throw them out or donate them, or because they may feel that the items have some sentimental value. However, taking the time to sort through items and accept that some of them are doing more harm than good will help make your cleaning purge work out as intended.

In sum, try and find a time, such as a long weekend, where you can sit down, plan, and get started on cleaning your home. Organize your items, declutter to some catchy music, and try and get your family to help you with your cleaning projects. Items that you actually use and value should be your number one priority and should be kept, while anything that is simply collecting dust should be recycled, thrown out, or donated to a local charity. The final step is to initiate a deep cleaning of your home so that it looks and feels like new.

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