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Our supreme Maid Cleaning Service company began in 1992. Over the past two decades, we have dedicated our efforts not only into offering excellent cleaning service, but also in quality customer service. As a result of our dependability and excellence in Maid Cleaning Services, we now have 36 cleaning maids on staff and have the pleasure of servicing over 1,000 regular customers.

We are confident in our Maid Cleaning Services and our maid cleaning staff because they have all been professionally trained and are well experienced. All of our cleaning service Employees are insured and bonded, covered by WSIB, and employed in accordance of Ontario Employment Standards.

We offer quality, thorough, old-fashioned, European-style House Cleaning and Maid Cleaning Services and we take pride in Performing superior work leaving our customers highly satisfied.

We are a Better Business Accredited Business. Also, we are a registered provider for housekeeping services with the Veterans Affairs Canada organization.


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