How to get out Common Stains

Happy Holidays

Whether its pets or kids, carpets or upholstery, little mistakes or big accidents—messes can enter your household with the threat of permanent stains to remember them by.

Common Stains

It seems to be the same few culprits that leave lasting impressions, so we have created a top 5 list on how to deal with these tough offenders!

    1. Blood

Whether you cut yourself shaving or nick your finger tip dicing vegetables, now you have a wound and often a stained shirt or towel to contend with!

Some great tips on removing blood stains include: white vinegar (poured directly on a fresh stain, let soak for 5-10 minutes, blot and wash), hydrogen peroxide (apply directly to fresh stain, rinse, and launder as required), WD40 (will lift fresh stains and allow them to easily be removed in the wash), Corn Starch or Talcum Powder (a paste of corn starch/talcum powder and cold water can help with stubborn blood stains, apply paste and when dry brush it all away), and lastly cold salt water (allow item to soak in a salt water bath for a few hours before throwing it in the laundry).

    1. Red Wine

Red wine spills are something every party host has dealt with once or twice. Luckily there are a number of solutions to remove it from most surfaces!

The best attack method is the use of a commercial product such as ‘wine away’ that when sprayed start clearing up the pigment like magic when used immediately after spill, but other household items will do the trick. These include: hydrogen peroxide mixed with dish detergent, vinegar and water solution, white wine, club soda, and all-purpose stain fighters such as OxiClean and Resolve.

Like blood, the faster you attack it the better chance you have of removing it!

    1. Grease/Oil Stains

Whether it’s from cooking with oil or working under the hood, grease and oil stains can be some of the hardest to remove.

A few great agents to help remove the mess include basic dish soap or shampoo (apply directly to stain, soak, and wash), hair spray or WD 40 when used liberally on stain it should draw the pigment out, and now for a strange one—Cheese Whiz! For more information on the delicious stain remover, check this out.

    1. Common Food and Drink Stains

The best stain remover for common food and beverage items is fellow kitchen item, vinegar.

Spaghetti sauce, soy sauce, berries, and other potent substances all benefit from a white vinegar application. Some items will require hot or cold water to best remove the mess, click the link above to find out how!

    1. Ink Stains

While ink stains can be a challenge to remove, it is best to know what type of ink you are dealing with to see if the stain has a chance to come out.

There are water based and permeant writing utensils that will present different challenges.

Water based ink can be attacked by pre-spotting the stain with a dab of liquid laundry detergent and allowing it to rest for 3-5 minutes before placing in the washing machine on a hot setting. Remember not to place in dryer unless stain has come clean, or the machine will help set the stain!

Permanent ink can be near impossible to remove, as it is intended to be indelible. You can try using rubbing nail polish remover, or if the material allows for it, bleach. Remember to rinse and repeat a few times.

For those messes you can’t get out, contact Sunrise-Cleaning ! We love to clean, and it shows!