How To Hire a Housekeeper You Can Trust

With today’s busy lifestyles, juggling our career, marriage, kids and hobbies can sometimes seem impossible. On top of that, keeping a household is in itself a full-time job. So it’s no surprise many families are hiring housekeeping services to keep things spotless. After a stressful day, the last thing you want is to come back to a dirty home.

 How To Hire A Housekeeper You Can Trust

But how do you find a maid service you can trust? Cleaners will often come when the homeowner is out so they can get as much work done as possible. Although most housekeeping companies do an excellent job, there have been stories of theft, vandalism and overall incompetence. That’s why it’s important you do your research before letting a maid service enter your residence.

We’ve come up with some tips on how to hire housekeeping help you can trust. After all, these maids are strangers with full access to your entire home and personal belongings. So take our advice before signing up and you won’t be disappointed.


Insurance is crucial when hiring housekeeping services. You’ll want to make sure the company has adequate coverage so that you’re not on the hook if accidents happen. If a maid slips and falls while cleaning your stairs, your homeowner’s insurance will probably not cover the incident. The cleaning business should have liability and employee accident coverage. Their policy must include the workers, the company and your home.


Bonding is like a type of insurance. If something happens to your belongings — like theft or damage — the cleaning company will cover the cost. When you hire a bonded house cleaning company, you’re ensuring your possessions are safe. Use a service that is bonded for its customers. The higher their level of insurance coverage, the safer it will be to sign up with them. Although a business license is mandatory for a company to operate, bonding is not. It is however, a very important aspect and shows that the business takes their clientele seriously.


The best way to gauge whether your housekeepers are trustworthy is to ask around. Get references from neighbours and family members to see what their experiences were like. If you can’t get referrals, ask the maid service to put you in touch with some of their own clients. Here are some of the questions you should ask when calling their references:

  • How long have you used this company’s housekeeping services?
  • How happy are you with their work?
  • Have you ever needed to make a formal complaint? How did the company handle your concerns?
  • Do you trust their maids?
  • How likely are you to recommend their services?

If you do a quick search online, chances are you’ll be able to find some business reviews as well. Go with a reputable company that’s been in the industry for a long time to lower your chances of disappointment.

Employee screening

Ask the house cleaning company how they go about hiring their staff. Do they conduct criminal background checks? Is residence status confirmed? Also, ask if their business consists of staff employees or subcontractors. A housekeeping service run by subcontractors may not provide training or liability insurance. Since their maids belong to another firm, you may not get the standard of quality you deserve. And their process for resolving client complaints may not be effective either.

Cleaning products and equipment

Who will be providing the cleaning products? The housekeeping company or the client? Make sure you are clear on this before the work begins. Many independent maids expect you to supply all cleaning materials. If the products are included by the company, ask what chemicals they contain if you are sensitive to bleaches and ammonia. Make sure their products are safe for children and pets too. The same goes for cleaning equipment. Find out who will provide things like the vacuums, mops, dusters and sponges.

No obligation quote

To avoid any surprises when it comes to costs, ask the housekeeping service to come to your home and provide an estimate. Their prices will vary greatly depending on whether you live in a condo or 5-bedroom home. The maids will want to see how big your rooms are, how much furniture is in them, and the depth of cleaning you require. The first appointment will most likely be the most expensive because you will probably require a ‘deep clean’. State exactly what you expect from their services. Are you looking for a light dusting once a week or a full-on scrubbing of all three bathrooms twice a month? You will avoid unnecessary disagreements if you are clear from the beginning about your expectations. During this time, you will also have a chance to ask questions. Ask how long it will take to clean the home and whether you will get the same maid each time. Find out about last-minute cancellation policies as things do crop up unexpectedly in our busy lives.

If you’ve done your research and have been diligent about service details, hiring a housekeeping service is the best investment you can make. Your time is valuable. Spend those precious hours with your family or doing the things you love, and leave the cleaning to the professionals instead!

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