So What if I’m a Neat Freak?

Neat FreakI know what you’re thinking: “Here’s another self-righteous blogger who thinks there’s something noble about being cleaner and tidier than everyone else”. But yes, it’s true and I speak on behalf of all neat freaks as I write this: Being clean and tidy is a reflection of your state of mind. Our surroundings are organized because our minds are too!

So what if I’m a neat freak?  What’s it to you? I guarantee other areas of your life will quickly fall into place once you join the militia of other like-mindeds out there. So read on to see why being a neat freak is the only way to live!

Neat on the Outside / Neat on the Inside

Let’s just say we neat freaks can think better when our desks are clutterless and the pillow cushions are straight. Yes, we know — it’s not like that dirty bucket of pencils is making fart noises, nor are those dirty socks chanting obscenities at you. But the truth is, messy spaces still communicate a variety of messages to us on a deeper level. If messy spaces could talk, they’d say: “Scrub me down, will you?  I’m drowning in dirt!” or “You hideous slob. Do you really think your office crush will still like you when she sees you live like a pig?”

Although ‘anal retentive’ and ‘uptight’ are keywords used to describe neat freaks, most slobs are actually jealous of our innate ability to wipe down surfaces with precision and toss junk in the trash like it’s nobody’s business.

As mentioned earlier, being clean is a reflection of your state of mind. If you’re looking to organize your life and streamline your goals, start with your surroundings. I guarantee your brain will operate at full capacity when it doesn’t look like a tornado just ripped through your bedroom.

Neat Freaks Live in Nicer Homes

Always notice how the neat freak’s house is so much nicer than the slob’s?

Fine.  We don’t have scientific data to back this up. But trust us, it’s true. Slobs can’t colour coordinate because they can’t see what they’ve got to work with. Who can tell if your couch should be accented with tones of turquoise or brown if it’s covered in cat hair and last week’s pyjamas?

Neat freaks, on the other hand, are halfway there. Our living rooms are camera-ready for ‘House & Home’ magazine because, let’s face it, it’s already spotless and all accessories are neatly in place. That’s half the battle, isn’t it?

We also have more time to go shopping for throws and matching tiles because we’re not busy, err, drowning in filth!

People Usually Choose the Neat Freak

Two questions for you:

1) If you were going on a group vacation and had to choose between sharing a room with the slob or the neat freak, who would you choose?

2) If you had to choose between a slob and a neat freak as a baby sitter for your child, who would you choose?

Unless you enjoy strange smells and like to see dirty underwear hanging from door knobs, we’re gonna guess you chose the “neat freak” in both scenarios.

So be a proud neat freak and embrace all the wonderful things that come along with this (very noble!) way of life.