How to Keep Spiders and Bugs Away from your House

House CleaningLet’s face it:  Bugs and spiders are gross. And that means we want them as far away from our homes as possible. When it comes to flies, mosquitos and other crawly creatures, the summer months are especially bad. Many of us like to leave the windows and patio doors open to let the fresh air breeze through. But this means your home’s interior risks getting bombarded with spiders and bugs.

So how do you keep those crawly creatures away without using chemicals that are harmful to your family? Read on to find out!


Patio screens may seem like a big upfront investment, but the money is well worth it. These screens slide back and forth along your door frames — acting as a barrier between you and the outside elements when these doors are open. Screens allow fresh air to flow into your home while the bugs and spiders stay outside where they belong. If you don’t feel like hiring a company to install custom screens, you can easily find a screen kit at big box home renovation stores.

Peppermint Spray

Here’s a fun fact:  Bugs and spiders hate the smell of peppermint!  Purchase some essential peppermint oil and spray it around your home. If you’re sitting outside for a BBQ, spritz some along the base of the chairs and table as well. This will keep the critters away while making your surroundings smell minty fresh!

Insect-repellent coils

Mosquito coils are a fantastic way to keep these pests at bay. These coil-shaped rings are lit on one end and then release incense as they burn. The odour is not overpowering and won’t be at all irritating as long as there is good air circulation within your home.

Repellent Sprays

Popular bug repellents like OFF! work very well. Purchase a spray that is meant for household use and spray liberally along window sills, patio furniture and baseboards. These are areas where spiders and bugs are known to frequent. Although the odour is not noticeable to us, crawly critters are very sensitive and will stay far away from your home as soon as they smell it.

Clean Up Regularly

It’s a known fact that spiders and bugs tend to gravitate towards messy areas. That’s why it’s essential that you keep your home clean at all times. Leftover food, grime and dust are highly attractive to pests. Keep them away by cleaning up, especially after meals. And remember to take out the trash regularly and avoiding keeping household garbage bins exposed for long periods of time.