How to Make Cleaning Fun

Make Cleaning FunVery few people love to clean their house. Many will do whatever they can to get out of dusting, sweeping and doing laundry.Unfortunately, without regular cleaning, dirt, debris and clutter will quickly accumulate, creating much bigger mess. Although it seems impossible, cleaning can be a fun activity. Follow these tips and who knows, you may actually look forward to house cleaning.

Turn up the Music

Music makes even the most dreadful situation more fun. Turn on your favorite radio station, or crank up the volume on the iPod. Upbeat pop and R&B tunes work great for cleaning the house. You will notice a change in attitude, and you will get so into the music that you will forget you are cleaning. The kids may even watch you and get excited about cleaning – a bonus for you.

Turn Cleaning into a Game

Speaking of kids, get them and your spouse involved by turning cleaning into a game. Assign specific tasks to them, such as vacuuming the bedrooms or wiping down countertops, and see who can finish first. If you are alone, you can still make cleaning a fun game. You can set a timer for a specific amount of time and try to beat it. If you win, you can treat yourself to a snack or a few minutes of relaxation.

Catch up with Friends

If you are a busy working professional or a parent, you know “me time” is limited. Cleaning just eats at the time you could be spending with friends and family. Why not do both? Multi-tasking can take your mind off cleaning chores. Invest in a hands-free handset and call your friends to chat while you clean. You will be so wrapped up in your conversation; that you will not realize you are getting caught up on your household chores.

Reward Yourself

Give yourself a reason to look forward to the cleaning day. Treat yourself to something that will motivate you to complete your tasks. It can be a meal at your favorite restaurant, your favorite chocolates, a movie, a book or other small splurge.

 Still Not Motivated to Clean Your Home?

Not even these tips can make cleaning fun for everyone, and that is OK. Sunrise-Cleaning is here to help. We pride ourselves on exceptional cleaning and customer service. We have been serving clients in the Oakville and Mississauga area for more than two decades and we would love to serve you as well. For more information, contact us at (905) 567-1199.

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