How to Minimize Allergies

Allergies are worst when you come into contact with the allergen that triggers your symptoms, which is sometimes unavoidable when you’re in an open or public space. While it’s tricky to avoid or reduce your exposure to allergens when you leave your house, there is no reason to continue exposing yourself while at home where you have greater control of the space.

Keep A Clean Home

The simple habits below will greatly minimize the effects of your allergies!

Don’t Wear Your Shoes at Home

Keeping the articles of clothing you wore outdoors from spreading things like pollen and pet dander inside your house is a good way to give yourself a break from your irritants. Take your shoes off and leave them at the door or remove your jacket and store it in the coat closet. Consider changing your clothes and storing them in the laundry room hamper for the best results.

Additionally, ensure you wipe your pet’s feet off each time they come inside. This will prevent them from tracking allergens inside.

Shower Before Bed

Everyone has a different shower schedule, and while a morning shower can help you feel awake and refreshed, a shower before sleep removes the pollen and dander that your hair collected during the day. The body naturally produces oil that forms a sticky film which attracts pollen. Shampooing and body washing can remove most of these allergens so you’re not irritated while you sleep!

Close Doors and Windows

During the spring and summer, it’s tempting to let the sunshine and fresh air into the home; however this air carries allergens into your home. Drafty windows and doors will need to be fixed with an installation of a storm window, draft snakes, or plastic film. Turning on the heat and air conditioning is helpful for trapping the allergens, but be sure to service the filters regularly.

Hypoallergenic Dogs Aren’t Entirely Dander Free

Although hypoallergenic dogs are bred to produce less dander than other breeds, you are still exposed to the irritant. When you visit a friend with a hypoallergenic dog, be prepared to experience some allergies or find a way to avoid contact with the pet altogether.

Keep a Clean Home!

As careful as you might be, allergens will always find a way into your home. The best solution is keeping a clean home regularly. Sweeping the floors and dusting surfaces will help remove dander, pollen, and hair. Mopping and washing the fabrics in your home will help you breathe easy. Vacuuming the rugs will free trapped particles that kick up into the air whenever someone walks on the flooring.

If you’re looking to create an allergen-free home, contact the experts at Sunrise-Cleaning today! We’ll help turn your home into a clean haven that won’t keep your eyes itching.