Monthly Household Cleaning Routine to Follow

Keeping your home clean can be a challenge but there are some ways to make it easier. One of those is to strategize the work you are doing.

Some household cleaning tasks need to be done daily or weekly. However, there are those jobs that only need to be done every few weeks or months. These are things like wiping the top of the fridge or vacuuming under the couch. By prioritizing what needs to be done and what can wait, you will be able to maximize your time and focus on what is really important.

Monthly Household Cleaning Routine to Follow

Here are some simple things you can do every month to keep your home clean and clutter-free.

  1. Wash the walls

    Fingerprints, dark marks and regular wear and tear can leave your walls looking old. This can be particularly difficult to keep up with if you have young children. Walls can also hold bacteria that are unsafe for your family. Although it can feel like a big job, wiping down the walls every month or every two months is an important way to keep your home looking its best.

  2. Cleaning the corners

    These spaces are often overlooked but dust and cobwebs can gather there and take away from the look of your home. It is important to dust your ceiling, skirting boards and cornices every month. This is a small detail that can make a big difference in the look of your home.

  3. Clean under the couch

    Vacuuming under the couch and cleaning out toys or any other items that have found their way under there is something that only needs to be done every few weeks. It is okay to leave it for a month or two but any longer than that and the dust and dirt build-up will become unhealthy. This type of build up can cause problems for those who have allergies or asthma. If you have pets you may want to ensure this gets done every month. While you are doing under the couch, you could also clean the couch itself. Vacuum inside the cushions and creases.

  4. Wash the washer

    Keeping your washer clean inside and out will go a long way to keeping your clothes clean and stain free. By ensuring that your machine gets cleaned, you’ll be able to prevent build-up that can damage your machine or get onto your clothes, making a bigger mess.

  5. Clean the fridge

    Keeping the inside of your fridge and freezer tidy and clean is the best way to ensure your home is healthy. The task will be easier if you do it before a big shopping trip so there are fewer items to move around. It is also easy to overlook the top of the fridge, but dust and dirt do gather up there and will need to be cleaned off every few weeks.

  6. Dust hard-to-reach places

    Ceiling fans and light fixtures are often overlooked for months but it is important they get cleaned regularly. Dust that accumulates in these spaces can not only compromise your air quality but can also become a safety hazard.

  7. Windows

    Washing your curtains or wiping down your blinds is another one of those small details that will go a long way in creating a clean atmosphere in your home. You can also clean the window glass so that everyone can get a clear view.>

  8. The oven

    The inside of your stove should be cleaned out every few months. While many people dread cleaning out the inside of an oven, you shouldn’t put it off too long. If you clean it regularly the job won’t be so overwhelming. If you have one, cleaning your microwave oven at the same time helps you save time.

  9. Cupboards

    Wiping down inside your cupboards is something that does not need to be done every month but it should be done at least twice a year. Even though most cupboards have doors to keep the dust accumulation to a minimum, there will still be some dust that settles around your dishes. If you have the time, you may want to give your dishes and other chinaware a wipe down. It is also crucial that you clean and disinfect the trash area in your kitchen, even if that space is inside your bottom cupboard. Keeping it clear of bacteria and germs can ensure that your family’s space is healthy.

  10. Shower and bathtubs

    Although cleaning your tub and shower wall may be part of your regular weekly cleaning routine, scrubbing the grout and washing the shower curtain may not be. If it isn’t, try making it part of your monthly schedule.

  11. Toys

    If you have young children, it is a good practice to regularly clean their toys to prevent any harmful bacteria from building up. This includes wiping down plastic ones in hot, soapy water and putting any stuffed animals in the washing machine. Use warm water and a gentle cycle to prevent damage.

  12. Mattress.

    Cleaning your mattresses thoroughly every few months will help you rest better knowing that your home is healthy. Start by vacuuming the mattress, then wipe it down with a damp cloth and dry it. You could also use an iron or steamer to get rid of the dust mites. Following up with a disinfectant spray is the final step to having a fully clean mattress.

Keeping your home clean and clutter-free is easier than you realize. A good tip is to try and tackle one or two of these bigger jobs every few days rather than try and get them done in a single day. Even 15 minutes a day doing some cleaning can help your home maintain a clean and healthy atmosphere.

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