How Often Should You Use A Professional Cleaning Service?

Life gets busy. Between work and family demands, there is precious little time left. If you’re finding it hard to squeeze in the time to give your home a proper cleaning, you might want to look into getting a quote on customized cleaning services.

Using Professional Cleaning Services

Essentially, how often you choose to use a professional cleaner depends upon how busy your life is, and whether or not you can (or want to) allot the time needed to clean your house yourself. Here is some information that will help you make a decision on whether or not to hire a cleaning pro.

What Is Your Free Time Worth to You?

Businesses that offer customized cleaning services have indicated that there are different types of clients: those who have cleaners come in every week or once a month, and those who simply want an occasional deep cleaning. These are the kinds of things you’ll want to iron out with a cleaner beforehand. If you have children and pets you may want to choose a weekly cleaning option, or every couple of weeks, depending upon your budget. Many families choose twice a month, with a deep cleaning a couple of times a year. A deep cleaning involves cleaning hard-to-reach places like behind appliances, under furniture, and so on.

Even Daily Is an Option

For families that are very busy, or perhaps have very small children, a daily housekeeper might help enormously, at least for a while. This may also be an option for elderly people who might need extra help with daily cleaning tasks. A cleaner who comes in each day can stay on top of things like doing dishes, and perhaps even doing laundry.

The Dent in Your Bank Statement

Most companies are willing to cut you a good deal if you have them in more than once a month. There are some variables to consider, such as the size of your home, and what exactly you want your cleaner to do. Some companies charge by the square foot. For instance, if the company charges $1 for every 10 square feet, and you have a 2,000-square-foot home, you’ll be paying $200 for each cleaning session.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Make sure the cleaning company you hire is insured.
  • Ask about the products they’ll be using, or even if they have products at all. You may be required to supply them.
  • Ask if they look into the backgrounds of their employees.
  • Check out any reviews they may have, or even ask for references.