Tips On How To Clean The Hard-To-Reach Spots

It’s cleaning day and you’re dreading how to go about cleaning those hard-to-reach spots in your home that you know need to be done. It seems like a constant battle. But there are some great hacks on getting to these tough spots in your home. Here are a few you might want to try out!

Easy Ways To Clean Tough Spots


Blinds and Tongs

A very inventive idea is to take a pair of cooking tongs and use elastics to affix damp, lint-free cloths around them. It’s a terrific way to clean the slats of the blinds.

Window Frames

One of the banes of a house cleaner’s existence, window frames are tough to clean well. But, if you put an empty toilet paper tube on the end of your vacuum’s suction tube, getting all that dirt out is a piece of cake. Since the tube is made of cardboard, it will fit into just about any space.

Computer Keyboard

For this easy clean, just fold a piece of adhesive note paper in half with the sticky side facing outwards and run it between the keys on your keyboard to collect crumbs and dust.

A Fresh Mattress

Mattresses can be challenging to keep fresh, but they needn’t be. Just sprinkle baking soda on the entire surface, wait about 15 minutes or so, and vacuum it all up with your vacuum’s crevice tool.

Faucet Goop

Hard water builds up around your faucets, giving them an unsightly, dirty appearance. Take an old toothbrush and with a paste made out of water and baking soda, scrub those faucets to a sparkling shine!


Companies that offer home cleaning packages know that a simple lint roller will remove dust, pet hair and other unsightly critters from your lampshades.

Air Vents

Vacuum as much dust off the vents as you can. Take a butter knife and wrap it in a thin microfiber cloth and gently run it in between the vent layers. If you’re not up to cleaning vents and you’re thinking about calling a cleaning company, ask them if they offer the service in one of their home cleaning packages.

Shower Tracks

The slime that can build up on shower tracks can make your bathroom feel dirty even though everything else is pristine. If you soak paper towel in vinegar and then place it on the track for about a half hour, the goo will be easily scrubbed away with a small brush.