Tips For Cleaning Your Home Before A Party

Most people love entertaining. When you’re hosting a party, you want to make sure people have a great time and talk about all the great things that happened, including making comments about how great your place looked.

Getting Your Home Party Clean

Cleaning your home before a party doesn’t have to cause you any undue stress. One of the best pieces of advice is not to leave everything to the last minute. Divide jobs into smaller tasks you can do a week prior to the big event. Here are some other tips to get you in the mood to socialize:

Plan your strategy

Day one should be about evaluating the things that you’ll need to do. There’s an easy and unique way to do this. Use your imagination and pretend you’re a guest at the party. Have a look around. What do you see that would make you crinkle your nose? Walk around and look for clutter, dust and other things that you would comment on. Look in each room, writing down things that distract you or look like they need attention.

Combine similar tasks

Simplify the cleaning process by combining similar chores. For instance, vacuum each area that needs it instead of having to haul out the vacuum a number of times. Think about how you can make the best use of your time by doing some things early on like washing scatter rugs so when you’ve finished washing floors, fresh rugs will be at the ready!

Enlist help

If you’re feeling overwhelmed even though you’ve made a list of what to do, get some help. There are many affordable cleaning services you can call for assistance. Even when family members lend a hand, you may need even more hands on deck.

Remember first impressions

Give special attention to your entryway. Clean away any clutter. Add some colour to tables with fresh flowers the day of the party. Add some candles, clean the windows and your front door. Make people feel warm and comfortable when they walk into your home.

Beautiful bathrooms

Your bathrooms should be spotless and gleaming! Everything should be scrubbed and disinfected well. Make sure you’ve got plenty of fresh guest towels and that personal items are stored away.

Super spotless kitchen

Nothing impresses guests more than cleanliness, order and lack of clutter. Wipe down countertops and appliances, wash the floor and put things away. If your kitchen is one area that gives you more angst than others, call a company that offers affordable cleaning services to do the work for you.