Tips for Cleaning Up Before and After a Party

After Party CleaningInviting friends and family into your home can be exciting and stressful! You look forward to presenting your home in its best light, clean, tidy, and ready for guests—which can take some time and energy to accomplish. Here are some tips to help you prepare your home for the party and clean up post-people with ease!

Before the big event:

  • Put away any personal or valuable items that may risk the chance of damage, theft, or simply cause clutter. While you trust the guests you have coming into your home, accidents can happen when crowded rooms fill with mingling guests—so put away your wedding crystal vase to prepare for the worst! While theft should be uncommon with home events as you know most the guests, sadly it is not unheard of when strangers visit—put valuables in a safe place to avoid any mishaps.
  • Create a cleaning checklist to help ensure you clean floor to ceiling with organization and ease. This can be started the week leading up to the party to lighten the load. Below is a simple schedule that can help shape your week before a Saturday event.

    Monday: take out all garbage recyclables, and green bin items.

    Tuesday: Tidy all lesser used rooms that will likely stay unused until the party. Dust, vacuum, and clean all glass surfaces.

    Wednesday: Washrooms! Scrub sinks, toilets, countertops, and floors. Stock extra Kleenex, toilette paper, soap, and hand towels for guests.

    Thursday: Windows, Walls, and Ledges. Be sure to dust from high to low, dust window frames, wash baseboards, and wipe down all surfaces.

    Friday: Floors! Sweep, Vacuum, Mop.

    Saturday: Food Prep and Clean Kitchen! Dishes done, surfaces scrubbed, floor swept and mopped.

  • Once all of your tasks have been accomplished, do a thorough walk-through of the whole house and catch any cleaning mishaps that may need to be attended to before guests arrive!
  • For easy post clean-up, put out recycling and waste bins in discreet yet guest-friendly zones so partygoers can relieve themselves of leftover food, beer bottles, or other waste.
  • Put out serviette to ensure guests have a method to keep themselves clean, along with any spills they may encounter!


  • Revisit your pre-party cleaning checklist, start at the top and work your way down!
  • After a successful party, a thorough clean, and long week—put up your feet with a glass of your favourite beverage and toast to yourself!

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